[Release] Xiborg Genesis

Xiborg athlete (Jun Haruta, Keita Sato, and Mikio Ikeda)
Movie Creation: TKD、Music:Daiki Yanagidaira, Location:Teiko University of Science

Xiborg Inc. (Tokyo) is pleased to announce that a running-specific prosthesis for top athletes, Xiborg Genesis was invented, and it has been commercially available in the market. Three top athletes in Japan, (Jun Haruta, Keita Sato, and Mikio Ikeda(all T44)), Dai Tamesue (three-time olympian) Dai Tamesue, and other specialists has worked together as a team. Our development process includes analysis of sprinting biomechanics with motion capture, MRI, and dynamics simulation, and then optimization of shape, laminated constitution of carbon, prototype and actual trial on athletes. But assignment help it should actually be read along the lines of martin luther has just pulled 15 percent of all western christians away from the roman catholic church and formed his own protestant christian movement; This cycle has repeated several times and then finally reached at this stage of Xiborg genesis. It can convert ground reaction force into driving force efficiently with light weight. From this season of 2016, our athletes are supposed to start using Xiborg Genesis targetting Rio and Tokyo Paralympic games. We, Xiborg, will push this activity forward and higher for better performance of athletes and prosthesis. for more detail. Xiborg Inc. CEO Ken Endo