Place where sports and technology meet

We hosted an opening event at Shin-Toyosu Brillia Running Stadium on Dec. 10 and 11. In this facility, there is XiborgLab, which is our new base equipped with machine shop.

  • Targetting the Fastest Ever

    One of our team goal is to see the fastest athelete running with our blade overrunning over intact athlete in 2020. Here is the center of our activity including training, research and development of running blades, and analysis of athletes’ gait. Moreover, our lab works as a hub for foreign athletes toward 2020.

  • First Run Trial on Blade

    Running on blade is, at first, challenging. Furthermore, blade itself is quite expensive. These stuations make amputees difficult to just even run. We hope Xiborg Lab will be one of the places where even amputee can swing by, and test our blade without any hesitation.

  • Intersection of Sports and Technology

    Xiborg Lab is equipped with working space and machines which enable us to make actual devices in front of the huge track. We hope to create new technology for sports in collaboration with companies, universities, and individuals.

We hope our lab is one of the places where athletes meet creators as well as where normal and disabled people exist without any boundary.

Toray Industries, Inc., Trusco Nakayama Corporation, Kyoto Tool Co., Ltd. (Sponsors Needed)

Xiborg Co., Ltd., CEO Ken Endo

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