New Product, Xiborg Decosis

Xiborg inc. is pleased to announce to unvail our new product, XIborg Decosis, which is decorated blade with 300 full color LEDs based on Xiborg Genesis technology
in order to make user’s running stand out more on the track.

  • For Your Own Running

    You can customize LED colors and pattern based on your running gait. You can show your color of running.

  • Coaching

    This can coach you with LED lights using sensors embedded on the blade. This is also good for beginners.

  • As Usual Light

    When all LEDs are high, blade becomes bright. You feel comfortable to read books beside it.

Comments from atheltes
Keita Sato
“At first, I thought he was joking. I just said “really??” to CEO with I was told to use this for races. I’m so uncomfortable with it”

Jun Haruta
“I cannot believe it. I’m too ashamed to run on this blade. What happened to Xiborg, which, I believe, is targeting the fastest, but actually they care its appearance. I just started to rethinking how I work with Xiborg….”

Mikio Ikeda
“it’s perfect!! I thought I’m now safe
to run at night”

Important only because this worked for me does it nowhere near mean that it will also android thetruthspy app work for you