[Release]Welcome US champion, Jarryd Wallace as Xiborg athlete

 We are pleased to announce the agreement with the winner of 2013 IPC World Champion, 2015/2016 US champion, Jarryd Wallace [T44(Unilateral Below-knee Amputee)] to supply with prosthetic blades, and develop original blade for him
Wallace has already started to use Xiborg’s blade, Genesis and provide Xiborg team with motion data and feedback. He is now targeting IPC World Championship in this July, and 2020 Tokyo Paralympics
Xiborg CEO, Ken Endo
 As we are struggling to make the fastest blade all over the world, we are happy to agree on our collaboration with Wallace who is one of the fastest athletes. We needed to work with athletes who are willing to learn technology, and be able to analyze their motion objectively as well as run fast. Jarryd Wallace is the one who can help us with experience of international competitions. At the same time, media here in Japan tends to feature japanese athletes, but would love them to see the top athletes all over the world.

Jarryd Wallace
 It is such an honor to have the opportunity to work with Xiborg.Ever since I lost my leg 7 years ago, I wanted to be the fastest amputee in the world.I quickly realized that it is not just about the training, but also about the technology.The knowledge and experience of the team at Xiborg will play a huge part in making my dream a reality – to be the fastest amputee the world has ever seen.

Wallace will run on May 21 in SEIO Golden Granprix 2017 at Kawasaki Todoroki Stadium.

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