World Para Athletics Championships London 2017 for Xiborg

The World Para Championships was held in London as the biggest competition in 2017. Here is the summary of Xiborg team/athlete. From this year, T43 and T44 were distinguished in 200m and 400m, though they are still combined in 100m.

Man T43/44 100m

Heat 1(0.0)
Mikio Ikeda 12.21 

Heat 2 (+0.3)
Jarryd Wallace 10.81 Q
Keita Sato 12.12

Final (-0.6)
Jarryd Wallace 10.95 3rd

Keita suffered from hamstrings injury and finish with 12.21 which is quite delayed from his best, 11.77. Mikio recorded his personal best, 12.21, but couldn’t advanced to the final. This was his first time to be in the national team, and aiming for 2020 with this experience. We met them just after the prelim and he was pretty nervous as it was first time to compete with paralympic champion, Jonnie Peacock in front of huge amount of audience.

Jarryd has started to use Xiborg blade from this season, and finish the prelim with great feeling, and advanced to the final. At the final, he took great start, and finished after Jonnie Peacock and Johannes Floor.

Man T44 200m

Heat 1
Jarryd Wallace 22.95 Q
Keita Sato DNS

Final (-1.0)
Jarryd Wallace 23.37 1st

This was great achievement for him to finish first. And as far as I know, this was the first japanese blade to support a gold medalist sprinter in the world-level competition like this. It’s great honor and we appreciate for his effort and achievement.

Man T44 400m

Mikio Ikeda  59.40  8th

Man T42-47 4x100mRelay

Japan 3rd

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