[Press Release] New Running-Specific Prosthesis’Xiborg ν’

Xiborg Inc. is proud to announce that our new running-specific prosthesis (blade) ‘Xiborg ν’ is available for build-to-order manufacturing. This blade has been developed in cooperation with Sony Computer Science Laboratories Inc. and with technical support of Toray Industries, Inc. and Toray Carbon Magic Co., Ltd. Since 2015. And, from 2017, our project has been accepted to ‘Sports for the Disabled Research and Development Promotion Project Grant’ operated by Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute(TIRI). One of Xiborg athletes, Keita Sato (Toyota Motor Corporation) will run on our new blade for T 64 100m and 200m at Japan Para Athletics in this weekend on Sep. 1 and 2.

About Xiborg ν 

Xiborg ν is a blade developed based on running biomechanics of four Xiborg

Athletes. ν is a Greec character pronounced ‘nju:’. Xiborg ν is in whole new shape deriving its own name, ‘ν’. It, a successor of Xiborg Genesis (released in 2014), is able to accommodate a huge amount of spring energy, and its user can easily swing it forward as its center of mass (COM) is located near the knee joint.


Sony Computer Science Laboratories Inc.
Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute

Technical Supporter
Toray Industries Inc.
Toray Carbon Magic Co. Ltd.