Xiborg Genesis

Xiborg Genesis is a running-specific prostehsis invented by our research group where engineers, coaches, prosthetists, athletes meet. This is Xiborg’s “genesis”.

Three top athletes in Japan, (Jun Haruta, Keita Sato, and Mikio Ikeda(all T44)), Dai Tamesue (three-time olympian) Dai Tamesue, and other specialists has worked together as a team. Our development process includes analysis of sprinting biomechanics with motion capture, MRI, and dynamics simulation, and then optimization of shape, laminated constitution of carbon, prototype and actual trial on athletes. This cycle has repeated several times and then finally reached at this stage of Xiborg genesis.

  • Mens et Manus (Hand and Mind)

    Physical and running gait is scientifically analyzed. Moreover, prototyped is evaluated by athletes through actual training. Combined with experience of our team coach, Dai Tamesue, our team explore the way to spring with a prosthesis. Xiborg Genesis is the result of whole process.

  • Prototyping

    This prosthesis is made out of carbon fiber reinforced plastic(CFRP). The stiffness of prosthesis is defined by a number of parametes such as its shape, fiber, thickness, laminated constitution etc. We know how to decide these parameters in order to satisfy athlete's physical and sprinting gait.

  • Specification

    Athlete's weight is 55~70kg, length between ground and connector (bottom of the pyramid) is about 40±4cm. Contact us for the detail.

Xiborg athlete(Jun Haruta, Keita Sato, and Mikio Ikeda)
Movie Creation: TKD、Music:Daiki Yanagidaira, Location:Teikyo University of Science

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