Delight of Locomotion for all

In nature, creatures have learn how to move their body to survive. Cheetah can run faster than other animals, bird flyies with two wings, and penguin swims though it is a kind of birds. Human being have ambulated on two legs for four million year ago, and established our own culture with science and technology in the process of evolution. Human being, without natural enemy has started to feel big fun by moving his body for recreation, sports and so forth. We feel great with sweat after exercise, happy to do sports with our friends, and feel relax by walking in nature. These are what we all should feel. We never believe this delightness is deprived by any reason such as lacking of talent, disabled, elderly etc.

Fastest athlete

In 2012, one disabled athlete with prostheses competed with intact athletes in London Olympic. This was the first time in the history. Recent innovation of athletics and technology of prosthesis will definitely push a level of Paralympic game up. And this year, at Rio, disabled long jumper may defeat intact athlete. What is happening in 2020 at Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics? We, Xiborg, are dreaming to see that Paralympic champion of sprinting will finish with faster time than Olympic champion in the same year. In order to make it happen, we are developing running-specific prostheses considering biomechanics of athletes, and coaching athletes running with our technology.

Cyborg Prosthesis

Recent innovation of robotics, technology of prosthesis has been dramatically advanced. On the bottom left side, you'll find the typical software buttons like ''back'', ''home'' and ''recently opened apps''. Common prosthesis is currently composed of passive elements, but user would be able to move more naturally if active elements is implemented. We has been developing robotic prosthetic knee and ankle-foot joint in collaboration with Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.


Cybathlon is a competition of cyborg technology. There is six different disciplines (prosthetic hand, prosthetic leg, wheelchair, exoskeleton, etc. ). The first competition will be in this October, 2016. We are joining this competition.

Advisory Board

  • Kiyoshi Kurokawa

    National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Academic Fellow

  • Prof. Akifumi Akifumi

    National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya, Professor

  • Yasuhiro Tsuchie

    Toyo University, Associate Professor
    Toyo University Track and Field team Coach


  • KenEndo

    Ken Endo

    Ken Endo
  • DaiTamesue

    Running Officer

    Dai Tamesue
  • TedTawara


    Tetsuo Tawara
  • TomInoue
    Executive Officer

    Tomotsuna Inoue

  • Creative Director

    Anri Sugihara


  • Jun

    Jun Haruta

  • Keita

    Keita Sato

  • Mikio

    Mikio Ikeda


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