x Xiborg Talk

xXiborg Talk is a community to think about what technology and sports mean to people, society and culture. We hope to become a platform where everyone can participate in the project and a place where we can discuss the new value that will be created by the combination of Xiborg members and guests.

Big Vision

Be an action to understand human beings and to change the world.

Concrete Action

Is an actual business in progress or is likely to lead to a business

Real Discussion

Discussions to advance the project in concrete terms

Original Contents

Talk about things that aren't in other media.

Past Events

xXiborg Talk vol.0 "For a Prosthetic Athlete to be Born in Rwanda"

Mami Rudasingwa (One Love Project)

xXiborg Talk vol.1 "What is the Significance of Running with Prosthetic Legs?"

Jun Haruta, Keita Sato, Jyuo Ikeda (para-athlete)

xXiborg Talk Vol.2 'Before and After 2021

Jarryd Wallace (para-athlete)

xXiborg Talk vol.3 "Running with Prosthetic Legs for Fun

Atsushi Yamamoto (Para-Athlete)

xXiborg Talk vol.5 "Para Sports in Laos

Yuki Nakamura (ADDP)
Hiroyuki Hane (Para Athletics Coach)

xXiborg Talk vo.6 National Running Clinic "Running" to Become a Routine, Not a Challenge