Para-athletes have a variety of bodies, with some athletes using prosthetic legs and hands depending on their class of disability. Furthermore, if hairstyles, hair, skin, and eye colors are taken into account, there is a wide variety of athletes. I conceived of Pixel Athlete as a way to create a work that makes this diversity easy to understand and enjoyable to view.

For example, legs. Five types of prosthetic legs were prepared, including healthy legs, lower leg prostheses, and thigh prostheses. Similarly, 50 x 50 dots were created in photoship for 3 types of arms including prosthetic arms, 7 types including skin heads, and 5 types of accessories (masks, glasses, etc.). In addition to this, multiple skin colors, eye colors, hair colors, shoe colors, and wear colors (top and bottom) were also prepared, and code was created to randomly generate a total of over 400 million types in combination.

Author Ken Endo

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All proceeds from XIborg will be used to promote sports prosthetics