ASICS Spike Sole and Sole Cover

ASICS Spike Soles and Covers These spikes and spike covers can be attached to Xiborg blades. The most important feature of this spike sole is that it allows more force to be applied to the inside of the front part of the prosthetic foot to exert propulsive force, as the foot accelerates while maintaining a forward leaning posture from kicking off right after the start to a few steps. The cushioning material in the upper part of the sole is uniquely sloped to transmit force inside the front part of the prosthetic foot. In addition, spike pins are densely placed on the inside of the front part to increase the propulsive force by enhancing the grip. To verify the effectiveness, ASICS Sports Engineering Laboratory conducted motion analysis with the cooperation of Keita Sato. Because the pin placement is not symmetrical, there are two versions, one for the right foot and one for the left foot. There is also a shock-absorbing midsole and a shock-absorbing type without a midsole that transmits shock directly to the prosthetic leg or foot, allowing runners to choose according to their running style and preferences.

Development organization: ASICS, Xiborg, Keita Sato

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