Human never stops running

We, Xiborg have been challenged to see blade runners running fastest among all, and deliver delightment of running to all prosthesis users. We realized that, not only running blade needs to be disseminated to amputees all over the world, but the structure of the society also needed to be renovated.

Large part of our life is currently restricted due to the social crisis just like there are someone whoes locomotion is limited due to physical disability. However, human never stops running even under the extreme situation like this. Likewise human has invented technology that enables amputees to run, human will renovate our social structure and start to run for sure.

Xiborg now came back to the origin and re-think the meaning of running apart from the Paralympics postponed to the next year. Can we again think of the reason and meaning of moving, running and sports for human in the period of of this one year,

Xiborg actions

Athlete support
We continue research and development of blades and related technology based on knowledge and data we had collected in the past. At the same time, we will try our best to arrange a training environment for athlete such that they can restart their life as athletes.

Preparation for dissemination of blades
Blades is not only for athletes, but for simply running, namely for all amputees to run. A right to run should never be deprived by anything. We, Xiborg aim for democratization of blades, and as a part of its process, we continue the development of affordable blade and its deployment even under this kind of situation.

Community Forming
Many medias have covered our activities so far. Beyond that, we will start to spread our own words directly though our media such as online events etc. such that more people can be involved in our activities. We will discuss the meaning of technology and sports for human in this opportunity. At the same time, a part of its revenue will be donated to organizations which are doing related works.

If you have any comments or suggestions, email us from here.

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