Xiborg Joy, Joy jr.

Xiborg Joy is an inexpensive sports prosthetic for casual running by non-athlete users. We have applied the carbon molding technology we have cultivated through the development of Xiborg Genesis and Xiborg ν, sports prostheses for top athletes, and devised a way to mold it as inexpensively as possible while providing the bouncing function necessary for running. Even those who have never run before can easily enjoy jogging. Xiborg Joy and Xiborg Joy Jr. are available in two sizes (Xiborg Joy and Xiborg Joy Jr.), with the Xiborg Joy Jr. weighing from 15 kg to 45 kg, and the Xiborg Joy from 45 kg to 80 kg, to meet a wide range of users' running needs.

Development organization: Toray Industries, Inc., Toray Carbon Magic, Inc., Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute, Toyota Mobility Fund

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