Shibuya City Games

The "Shibuya City Games - Challenge to be the World's Fastest," a street race to challenge the world's fastest time of 60m using a public road as a track, was held at Shibuya Fire Street. In the second race, nine of the world's top class prosthetic leg athletes competed, and a qualifying round and a final were held. The competition was fierce from the qualifying round, but three athletes advanced to the final: Jarid Wallace, the 100m world record holder (world record: 10.61 seconds) Richard Brown of the United States, and Felix Strengh of Germany. In the end, Richard Brown won his second consecutive title with a time of 7.24 seconds, just 0.9 seconds short of the world record, to loud cheers from the crowd gathered around him. In between the qualifying round and the final, three elementary school runners with prosthetic legs took part in a challenge run, aiming to set their personal fastest time as the first step toward becoming the world's fastest runner. The excitement was palpable as they ran the same course as the world's top-class runners amidst cheers from the crowd along the roadside.