Project for BLADE RUNNER

The world record for men's 100m track and field is 9.58 seconds (as of March 2021). The world record for the men's 100m track and field for a prosthetic-footed runner is 10.54 seconds* (as of March 2021). The difference is only 1 second. However, if it can be surpassed, it will be an event that will go down in history. Project for Bladerunner aims to exceed this one-second mark by using technology to help strengthen runners with artificial legs. Runners with prosthetic legs need to use their bodies in unique ways, such as a sense of balance and the ability to respond to the rebound of their prosthetic legs from the ground. We will develop optimal training methods and effective training for runners with prosthetic legs, using a variety of technologies.

Development team: Dentsu Lab Tokyo, Xiborg, Masahiro Onishi(DPs), Rhizomatiks Research, anno lab, Acuity inc., OptiTrack, Qosmo Inc, Xiborg athletes (Keita Sato, Kisei Ikeda, Jarryd Wallace) Para-Sports Lab